3D Augmented Reality

“Augmented Reality” allows us to super impose our own digital art on top of a live video stream.

In the example below we augment a live web camera feed with a 3D animation .

[in_article_ad]In order to try this demonstration out we need to download the ‘marker chip’ and have a web camera switch on and ready.

A marker chip contains a small black and white illustration which the program will detect if held up to a web camera. Once downloaded we need to print it out. Please click here to download the chip in PDF format.

After printing out the ‘marker chip’ please start the application below, once the live web camera feed begins hold the marker chip up to the camera in order to view the animation. Try moving the marker chip around once the animation starts.

[kml_flashembed movie=”flash/3d_ar/Dove_AR.swf” height=”356″ width=”536″ fvars=” baseURL = flash/3d_ar/ ; name = value ” ]

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Lee Brimelow from theflashblog.com has a great tutorial on the basics of using augmented reality with Flash. The tutorial should help developers learn how to start using this technology.


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