Using Adobe Flex & PHP together with Zend AMF

There are a variety of methods we can use to communicate between flash and our server side web applications, including XML and HTTP POST/GET. However a much more robust methods exists–Action Message Format (AMF). AMF uses binary encoded messages. Because of this the messages are compressed which makes AMF the fastest way to transfer data. Another advantage to using AMF is that we can share objects and methods between Flash and our server technology. This post shows how we can communicate between Flex builder 3 and PHP using AMF. We will be using the Zend framework to accomplish this.

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Crawling the web with PHP

The internet is full of web spiders (also known as robots). The biggest and most powerful web spider is probably googlebot, google’s web spider, responsible for crawling the web, looking for new web pages to index, and checking if pages already in it’s index have been updated. This post shows how we can use PHP to build our own web spiders.

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Using PHP with Google’s Language API

Google hosts a terrific Ajax language Application Programming Interface (API), which allows developers to integrate Google’s service into their own applications.

We don’t have to use the Ajax API in order to take advantage of this service. Google allow access to the API via url calls–supplied with GET or POST url variables. Please click here to view the developers guide for this process. Using this method we can access the translation service from any programming language capable of calling a url. In the example below we will use PHP.

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