• Fixing Broken Websites with Greasemonkey

    Sometimes a website doesn’t function correctly. Even if a website works fine we may want it to display or perform differently. With a few web development and javascript skills we can change a website for ourselves using the Greasemonkey Firefox extension.

  • Google Web Toolkit: Order In Chaos

    Most of Google’s technlogies run in a we browser. For example Gmail, Google Reader etc. Google’s client side web services are Ajax based and rely on javascript. Javascript is a single threaded light weight scriptiing laguage, it’s implementation, speed and efficiency vary acrross web browsers. Yet Google’s web applications are fast and work in all…

  • Using Effects and Animation with Google Web Toolkit

    This post builds on the previous post ‘GWT: Order in Chaos’ and shows an example of the GWT-FX library. GWT-FX is a third party library for the Google Web Toolkit and allows us to apply effects such as fades, movement, transitions, animation and easing to GWT objects (Both widgets and elements).

  • Concurrency / Threading with Javascript & GWT

    NOTE: Please click here for a flash/actionscript version of this technique. Javascript does not support concurrency. All code must be executed within a single thread. This means that processor intensive tasks could cause a web page to stall very quickly. This forces us to rely on server side operations for any large calculations. Fortunately it…