• Recursive iteration through the HTML DOM

    NOTE: Please click here for a flash/actionscript version of this technique. Sometimes it is useful to be able to iterate through every element in a HTML document–or all of the children of a specific HTML node–and either perform an operation on each element or access a property of each element. We need to use recursion…

  • 3D Augmented Reality

    “Augmented Reality” allows us to super impose our own digital art on top of a live video stream. In the example below we augment a live web camera feed with a 3D animation .

  • Variable Data Publishing with Video

    Adobe Flash technology is very useful in the field of variable data publishing. We can embed fonts, dynamically adjust and resize variable elements and apply a large amount of filters and effects to create seamless compositions of both static and dynamic elements. Below is an interactive demonstration which shows an example of dynamic imaging applied…

  • Jungle Shoot Out – Game

    Click here for a HTML5 tablet/phone friendly version of this game. Jungle Shoot Out is an interactive platform shooter game based on King Features Syndicate’s The Phantom ©. It makes use of inverse kinematics in Flash.

  • Google Web Toolkit: Order In Chaos

    Most of Google’s technlogies run in a we browser. For example Gmail, Google Reader etc. Google’s client side web services are Ajax based and rely on javascript. Javascript is a single threaded light weight scriptiing laguage, it’s implementation, speed and efficiency vary acrross web browsers. Yet Google’s web applications are fast and work in all…

  • Using Effects and Animation with Google Web Toolkit

    This post builds on the previous post ‘GWT: Order in Chaos’ and shows an example of the GWT-FX library. GWT-FX is a third party library for the Google Web Toolkit and allows us to apply effects such as fades, movement, transitions, animation and easing to GWT objects (Both widgets and elements).

  • Concurrency / Threading with Flash & Actionscript 3

    NOTE: Please click here for a gwt/javascript version of this technique. Flash applications do not support concurrency. All code must be executed within a single thread. This means that any large calculations or processor intensive tasks will cause the flash player to stall very quickly. We have to rely on server side operations or other…

  • PSPP – Statistical Software – Review

    PSPP is an open source statistical analysis and data mining tool. It was designed as a free alternative to IBM’s SPSS tool.

  • HTML5 for Flash Developers

    Adobe are sponsoring a set of javascript libraries and tools called CreateJS. CreateJS includes a javascript library called Easel JS which allows developers to manipulate the HTML5 canvas element using familiar concepts and coding techniques found in Actionscript 3.

  • Jungle Shoot Out – Game (HTML5)

    Jungle Shoot Out is an interactive platform shooter game based on King Features Syndicate’s The Phantom ©.